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"I’ll be covering the game from all angles, starting with what's happening in MLB Today.
We'll look back at 50 Years of Baseball to talk about where we've come from and then pay it forward with Lessons from the Game."

MLB Today

This is about everything happening in Baseball today—I’ll be analyzing games, talking about players and management dynamics. We’ll feature interviews, round-table discussions and podcasts with MLB insiders. I’ll let my members in on my predictions and we’ll talk trades, injuries, rookie assessments, management changes…Everything you want to know about MLB today.

50 Years of Baseball

I have had a tremendous life within this great sport. I’ve had the good fortune to be a player, coach, manager and analyst in a career that has spanned 40+ years in MLB—I have some great stories to share with you!
I've seen the game evolve and watched whole careers of many legends in the game. My insight into the last 50 years' history and growth of MLB is something I'm excited to share with other major fans of the game.

Lessons from the Game

I can bring a great career full circle by teaching what I've learned to the next generations. This category will speak to the young players coming up in the game, it may even have some lessons for coaches and managers! I hope to engage all three groups plus the fans with full-on lessons alongside short segments that set a great standard for all aspects of play and teamwork.


"I'm excited to really connect with baseball fans and break it down together. My LIVE Q&A sessions are going to be centered around events, like play-off games, or some big news in the league, so that we can talk about it and ask questions right as it's happening—I want membership on Kevin Kennedy Baseball to be a community of real fans and a connection to MLB all year long."

Kevin Kennedy
Player . Coach . Manager . Analyst . Fan

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